Little Ninja


Version 0.95
An endless runner game with an amazing twist!
"Little Ninja Adventures!" is an endless runner game which is different from all the endless runner games you've seen! We made this game while we had one important thing in mind; playability. We didn't want you to just play once. We wanted you to play as often as possible. Anytime, anywhere. Enjoy this fine product released by Instant Games.
  • Beautiful 3D environments!
  • Experience fast-paced action in multiple levels!
  • Run, jump and be agile to beat the levels!
  • Collect coins and buy all kinds of awesome stuff!
Requires Android 2.3 and higher. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection sometimes required.


The adventure starts here! Immerse yourself while playing a Platformer with the simple controls of an Endless Runner. Run, jump and slide through the ancient Ninja world where different levels are waiting to be cleared. Train your Ninja to be the most agile and daring Ninja in the world! Can you avoid every obstacle on your road to succes?

- Be careful of spikes
- Avoid obstacles to increase your multiplier
- Swipe down in the air for a quick land
- Collect coins to unlock new awesome Ninja suits

Simple swipe controls!
- Playing 2 popular genres combined together!
- Colorful and lively HD graphics!
- Cool new Ninja suits with power-ups!
- Highscores and leaderboards!
- Challenge your friends on Facebook!


Version 0.95

Released on February 28, 2014
  • FIXLevels are improved based on feedback
  • NEWNew Play button in level start
  • FIX'Next level' button is now disabled when in last level
  • NEWFacebook buttons are removed in this version due to not working properly. They will be added again in the next update

Version 0.9

Released on February 24, 2014
  • FIXIssue where players sometimes got 'stuck' in a spring
  • NEWChanged the multiplier calculation
  • FIXRemoved lifes entirely. Players now lose score instead of lifes
  • NEWCoins and spikes are now more visible.



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You are free to contact us for suggestions, tips, questions or whatever! We will try to respond as soon as possible!
You can contact us at

However, if you want to contact us about bugs or other issues with the game email us on the following emailadres: